23rd March & Liaquat Ali Khan

Objectives Resolution is one of the most important documents in the constitutional history of Pakistan. It was passed by the first Constituent Assembly on 12th March 1949 under the leadership of Liaquat Ali Khan. The Objectives Resolution is one of the most important and illuminating documents in the constitutional history of Pakistan. It laid down the objectives on which the future constitution of the country was to be based and it proved to be the foundational stone of the constitutional development in Pakistan. The most significant thing was that it contained the basic principles of both Islamic political system and Western Democracy. Its importance can be ascertained from the fact that it served as preamble for the constitution of 1956, 1962 and 1973 and ultimately became the part of the Constitution when the Eighth Amendment in the Constitution of 1973 was passed in 1985.

Objective Resolution was presented in the Constituent Assembly by Liaquat Ali Khan on March 7, 1949 and was debated for five days by the members from both the treasury and opposition benches. The resolution was ultimately passed on March 12. Following were the main features of the Objectives Resolution:

  1. Sovereignty of the entire Universe belongs to Allah alone
  2. Authority should be delegated to the State trough its people under the rules set by Allah
  3. Constitution of Pakistan should be framed by the Constituent Assembly
  4. State should exercise its powers through the chosen representatives
  5. Principles of democracy, freedom, equality, tolerance and social justice, as inshore by Islam should be followed
  6. Muslims shall live their lives according the teaching of Quran and Sunnah
  7. Minorities can freely profess and practice their religion.
  8. There should be Federal form of government with the maximum autonomy for the Units
  9. Fundamental rights including equality of status, of opportunity and before law, social, economic and political justice, and freedom of thought, expression, belief, faith, worship and association, subject to law and public morality should be given to all the citizens of the state.
  10. It would be the duty of the state to safeguard the interests of minorities, backward and depressed classes.
  11. Independence of judiciary should be guaranteed
  12. Integrity of the territory and sovereignty of the country was to be safeguarded
  13. The people of Pakistan may prosper and attain their rightful and honored place amongst the nations of the world and make their full contribution towards international peace and progress and happiness of humanity.

Liaquat Ali Khan's Speech: